10 Awesome Kids Birthday Ideas


Another year of your little one’s life has flown by and you’re struggling to think of party ideas that you haven’t done before. Well stop worrying because we have the perfect list of creative party ideas to keep your kids and their friends happy on this special day. Here are 10 fantastic birthday party ideas for children (or even adults who just haven’t grown up yet)!


1. Location-based Parties!

Rather than having the party at home this year, why not make a booking at one of your child’s favourite places to host the party. This could range from a water theme park to the zoo, or even a place as simple as a nearby park.

Many places have special rates if you book a child’s birthday party, with a list of invited guests, and you may be able to swing a deal at an attractive price. Not to mention it saves you the dreaded clean-up of your place the day after a bunch of kids has messed it up!

2. Get Inspired By Your Child’s Favourite Animal

Virtually every little one has an animal they adore, so why not centre your party around your kid’s prefered creatures. There’s no limits to how creative you can get with such a broad theme. For example, baking cakes and treats in the shape of the animal and hanging up decorations corresponding to your inspired theme.

You can even go a step further and use this as inspiration to create games that the kids can play, or have a dress-up contest between the kids, who could all come in costume as their favourite animal. The possibilities are endless.

3. Activity-centric Birthday Bash

If you’re stumped for what types of games to have at the party, why not start by thinking of your kid’s favourite activities. Kids and babies are usually easily occupied when there are games, toys or play equipment around.

If your child loves baking, make a chunk of the party about the kids all baking cookies together! If they love mini-golf, take the group mini-golfing. If you combine a major activity with a meal and cake, you’ve pretty much got your party sorted out!

4. Film Festivities

Another idea that has multiple options to branch out from would be having your child’s favourite movie be the theme of the day. Kids could dress up as their favourite characters, you could develop games related to the movie or play pre-existing ones.

This also gives you the opportunity to provide themed snacks or cake, and if you run out of games, you could always screen the movie at the end of the party to keep the little ones occupied.

5. Sports Party

Most hyper little kids love to run around and play with their pals! Why not make the most of that, and turn your kids party into a sporty soiree? You could pick their favourite sport, such as swimming, football or tennis and get everyone involved.

This could involve booking a location or having the party in your own backyard, depending on what sports your child is interested in. This idea is perfect for a kid who plays on a sports team, as all their little teammates will be ecstatic to come over!

6. At-Home Laser Tag

Even if typical team sports aren’t your little one’s cup of tea, it’s hard to find a group of kids that doesn’t get a thrill from a game of laser tag. Nicole Lander from www.lasertag.com.au explains why this is a great choice for the next birthday party you throw:

“Did you know that you can play Laser Tag in your own home? That means the party doesn’t have to leave your house! All you have to do is rent a box of laser tag gear, and your kids will have a party they’ll never forget! If you rent Laser Tag In A Box for a Saturday, you’ll also get to have it on Sunday for free!”

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7. Celebratory Sleepover

For slightly older children, their birthday might be the best time to have their first ever slumber party. Although this can be logistically challenging, at least you know that all the kids are under one roof, and it saves the hassle of having to book an external location.

Little ones find sleeping over at a friends house inherently exciting, and thus the planning that parents have to do is kept to a bare minimum. If there is a smaller group of close friends, board and card games are one possibility, as well as activities such as watching movies, baking and just chatting away!


8. Beachy Bash

If you had your baby during the summer months, and have a love of the sand, sea and wind, the beach might be the solution to your party planning problems. You can take a picnic down and the kids can play all kinds of games, like beach volleyball!

The great thing about the beach is that they will never run out of activities to do, from sandcastle making competitions, to swimming or collecting seashells. The only possible downside would be that you need a backup plan for fear of bad weather!

9. Artsy Affair

For the crafty child, an art party could be just the answer! Kids can be set up with paint, colour pencils, stencils and pictures to fill in. There can be even competitions and games such as pictionary!

All you really have to do is get some art supplies and let the kids colour away! If you wanted to go a step further you could even bring in an art teacher to help the kids out and teach them some cool tips!

10. Scavenger Hunt

What’s more fun than a massive scavenger hunt? Ignite the kids’ competitive spirit as they team up or pair off to scavenge for a select number of objects hidden in the house or garden.

This is one activity that won’t be over until they find everything on the list, so you can make it as hard or easy as you would like depending on the ages of the children involved. It will most certainly be a day to remember!

Regardless of your kid’s interests, age, or friend groups, you should be able to find an idea within that list to have a fantastic party, and give them a birthday to remember. Happy planning!

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