3 Reasons You Should Have A Pet

If you are toing and froing about whether you really want to get a pet, here are some concrete reasons why you should totally go for it! Yes, it is true that animals can be hard work, and you should only jump into this new venture if you are sure you will have time to give them the care they deserve. However, never fear, the benefits outweigh the inconveniences, and you are bound to be happier than ever before with your new found friend!

Unconditional Love!

The wonderful thing about pets is unlike with people, it is not difficult to earn their love, trust and affection. As long as you feed them, clean them and are generally a good owner, your little animal is bound to reciprocate the love that you will undoubtedly feel for them. This is particularly evident with social animals such as dogs. There’s nothing better than having a loved one to come back to after a long hard day of work or school. This constant flow of love and attention from your animal is likely to help you reduce stress, and just generally being a happier person, without continually dwelling on life’s mundane stresses.

2) Having Someone Rely On You

Another fantastic thing about being a pet owner is that you now have a life you are responsible for, other than your own. Especially for young singles or couples, who are recently independent, looking after a pet will teach you to be accountable for a being that is dependent on you to be fed, and to meet its other basic needs. For some, this could be the perfect stepping stone to take before having to care for a child. For parents, this could be the perfect opportunity to teach your little ones responsibility and accountability. Have each child take charge of one aspect of the animal’s needs, such as feeding, walking or cleaning it’s supplies. You will be surprised by how quickly your little ones begin to mature, and learn the discipline of having to put someone else’s needs before their own.

3) Getting Out And About

If you are introverted, and need to make more of an effort to socialize, buying or adopting a pet is definitely a great idea. Firstly, you have a ready-made friend to shower with love, and make you feel less alone. How great would it be to have a puppy get excited everytime it sees you or a kitten to stroke while you watch TV? However, your pet also provides you with the opportunity you need to expand your social life, and get out of the house more. If you have a dog, you will have to walk it regularly, and you may end up going on similar routes and getting to know other pet owners in your neighbourhood. You have the common interest of your beloved canine to talk about, and are bound to see each other on a regular basis. Even if you don’t have a dog, owning any pet is a bonus for your social life. There are pet conventions on a regular basis, where you can learn about anything from caring tips to the latest pet toys to keep your animal amused. This new venture simply provides you with another commonality to connect you to all kinds of different people you may never have crossed paths with previously.

So what are you waiting for? Go pick out your perfect little critter today, and maybe even consider adopting one to save a life!

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