4 Amazing Bedroom Ideas You Will Never Regret

Humans are very creative creatures. As the bedroom is the part of the house where we spend the most time relaxing and sleeping, it should be comforting and reflective of our personality. But decorating a bedroom shouldn’t be a confusing experience and doesn’t really require an interior designer and thousands of dollars.

The key is to have a theme in mind and a solid list of elements you can incorporate into your bedroom. Most people actually struggle more with finding themed items, but once you know exactly what items fit into that theme, you’re basically set. So here are some theme ideas.



Rising in trends as of recent, nautical and sea-related styles are definitely very tasteful and work within certain color palettes. This makes picking items and colors for a nautical-style bedroom easy. Have an item that displays anchor imagery somewhere in your room, whether a framed picture, an actual figure or even as a print. The best colors are hues of blue, white and light browns. You can even have fish-shaped decorations such as clocks, canvases and many other decor.



Another popular option, vintage can have many meanings and versions. The simplest vintage theme is a traditional one, with the use of neutral and cream colours. Use lacy doilies for your surfaces or even your bed sheets, and hang paintings (even small ones) on the wall within engraved, rustic frames for a truly classic feel. Another easy touch would be to flank your bed with vintage lamps side by side for an obvious vintage flavour.



If you want to work with just colors and modern designs, it is best to choose two (up to three) colours that compliment each other (grey and white, black and white, pastel yellows and blues) and arrange all your decor to those colors. You have more free reign over your decorations with this style, but the key is to express much with very little. Have one large frame, a personalised desk with only the core necessities and maybe even one chair.



An earthy-feel for a bedroom can be very cosy and pleasing to the eye. Choose darker browns and pale green hues for your room, and decorate with small (or fake) plants. Hang string lights around your bed, either at the bedpost or dangling over. Choose bedsheets with exotic and deeply coloured patterns and hang motivational sayings or imagery of animals on your walls.


Are you willing to make your bedroom your new haven? Often, people who do build their room around a theme they love never regret it. Ever.

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