4 Great Winter Alfresco Dinner Ideas

Outdoor dining has been around since medieval times, when hunting parties would partake of a feast before setting off. Regardless of what you plan to do afterwards, eating on your patio, porch or deck doesn’t just have to be a summer activity. Eating in winter is perfect for bringing out the rich sauces and comforting stews, the warming pasta dishes and hearty roasts.

Beat the chill with these cold weather essentials


Easy to make and cook, its versatility makes it perfect for a huge range of sauces. From classic tomato and basil to slow cooked osso bucco, or something more exotic such as burnt butter and fried sage or blue cheese, it matches with almost every sauce you can think of. Creating the perfectly soft pillows of gnocchi is as simple as boiling and mashing potatoes.


If you don’t want to go through the extra steps to make gnocchi, mash is just as tasty, simple and comforting. Mix it up by using sweet potato, parsnip or any other root vegetable, the possibilities are endless. It matches perfectly with stews, pies, steamed vegetables and all kinds of sausages.


There is nothing more satisfying than a homemade pie. The crunch of the pastry, the hot, tender filling, it makes the cold weather almost worth it. There is a myriad of options such as chicken and leek, beef and mushroom, lamb curry, fish stew, and more. If you can imagine it, you can put it in a pie.


Sitting outdoors with a steaming bowl of soup is one of life’s small pleasures. Winter is the ideal time to try all those soup variations you’ve been saving up and reading about in European and North American publications the past summer. Originally the most effective way to use up odds and ends in the kitchen pantry, the humble soup has been transformed into something far grander.

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