4 Pieces of Multifunctional Furniture you Need in Your Home

The modern home needs to be a dynamic kind of place. With less space and more expenses than ever, consumers and designers alike are turning to favour furniture which performs multiple functions. Multifunctional furniture has always been somewhat of a novelty however over the last ten years, designers have begun to create more and more pieces for space poor homeowners. In a practical sense, having multifunctional pieces saves you both money and space enabling you to fill your home with more of the design you want rather than the design that you have to have. Below are four pieces of multifunctional furniture every home should have.

Sofa Bed

This is the classic example of convertible furniture but these lounges have come a long way from the daggy designs you remember from your childhood. Indeed, most modern designs are barely distinguishable from traditional sofas. A sofa bed is the perfect solution for when you have unexpected guests and saves you the fuss of blowing up an air mattress or storing a bulky trundle bed.

Storage Ottoman

There is an enormous trend at the moment for ottomans, sofas, and even bed bases with storage space built in. These clever designs hollow out the area that would have been traditionally filled with stuffing to create a clever storage space which is completely concealed.

Expandable Dining Table

Convertible tables have been around for over a hundred years and are a timeless multifunctional piece. Many of the designs nowadays can quickly and easily be converted from card table to dining table. This is perfect for those who are occasional entertainers but don’t want to have the dining table dominate an interior.


Although it isn’t strictly a piece of multifunctional furniture, there are few pieces of furniture more useful than a low or adjustable stool. Use it to store or display books, plants, or trinkets, as a portable table, to sit your bedside lamp on, and of course to sit on.

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