5 Outdoor Cleaning Hacks That Will Change Your Life

We usually get quite obsessed with cleaning inside our homes and all the different rooms (or not, no judging here), but it is easy to forget that outside is a lot more filthy in general. Aside from gardening and sweeping, there are many nooks and crannies we should always be checking to make sure unwanted dirt doesn’t pile up and even attract hostile animals or insects.


1. Checking The Nooks In Sliding Garage Doors

Many of us just use our garage remote, park in the garage and get out with no second thought to the actual sliding gates. Accumulating dust and even small particles like rocks and twigs can easily be blown into the mechanisms of gates and can cause great damage when rolling or sliding down. Make sure to check the crannies of your sliding gate every month, especially during windy seasons.


2. Draining Boat/Yacht Interiors

During wet seasons or mornings with plenty of mildew, water trapped in small spaces inside a boat or yacht can grow stale and start to smell. Worse comes to worse, insects like mosquitoes can lay eggs in stagnant water. After heavy downpour or a strong storm, make sure to drain your and dry your boat or yacht thoroughly. You can easily find water pumps for sale online and in stores for major flooding in the interiors.


3. Cleaning Under Roof Corners

While people easily notice cobwebs in the corners of their ceilings at home, many forget about cobwebs that can be gathering in corners outside the house. Make sure to check these corners and clear them out, your house will look much neater and newer from the outside afterwards.


4. Clearing Out Trees And Bushes

While an occasional bird nest is quite harmless and at times cute, keep an eye on anything that grows or nests within thick areas of trees and bushes outside your house. The last thing you would want is to be terrorized by magpies way too close to home. Literally.


5. Wiping Down Mailboxes

This sounds somewhat hilarious, but it’s surprising how many people pull newspapers, flyers and mail out of mailboxes but don’t actually clean the space inside. It won’t even take more than five minutes to wipe down the inner and outer surface of your mailbox, which will prevent cobwebs, dirt and even bird droppings (it really happens) from accumulating. Your white envelopes will stop sticking out with bits of dirt or patches of moisture.


No matter how much you clean inside, the first thing guests see when they visit is the outside of your house. A little bit of smart cleaning here and there will definitely warrant a pleasant first impression- the guests will definitely think you’re a lot more organized than you actually are.

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