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Over the last 6 weeks or so, something shifted in Dan and I. We love love love this apartment, it’s been so amazing having more space and this big bright room for the girls who have been sharing a room SO well. We love our wall bed, and having an office and love our neighbourhood and living in the city, but suddenly we knew something had to change. Dan needed a new office space for his recording/mixing and Lindsay and I were outgrowing our studio and were on the hunt as well. Vancouver is not an easy place to find rent, and also a hard place to be paying for 3 rents!

The idea of finding a house in White Rock was suggested by a friend and so we opened up the search to there and found a gorgeous house available to rent and we thought it was our dream home. We looked at it and it was absolutely perfect. It would have been cozy but it was enough space and such a cute little character home, we were sold. We were still in the process of talking about lease agreements and such and meanwhile I’m starting to grieve moving out of the city and everything that will change, and dreaming about this house and having our own room and a little reading nook. We came to an agreement on a long term lease, and then a few hours later it was off the table! It was so bizarre and we were devastated and confused. It felt like God was leading us and opening doors and then it all slammed shut and we were a few days away from the end of the month which would mean another month of searching. Back to Craigslist and the cliché “well God must have something better,” which I was like, ya right, this house was perfect.
We actually did find another house we looked at a few days later that was BETTER! We were in shock and did all the things to make it happen but it just didn’t work out, they wanted a super short lease and we’re looking long term but this house was even better, it was perfect for us to live in and both to work out of. Again, we were left confused and wondering if we just had it all wrong. We looked at a few more houses that just wouldn’t work and then last week we found an amazing amazing house that is just a dream. It’s in a perfect neighbourhood, it’s big but not too big but will feel like a mansion compared to our little city apartment! Wood burning fireplace, massive yard, our own laundry. I can hardly wait. Moving into a house, let alone moving out of the city was never something in the cards, I thought we were here for good, but God really had other plans, and He really did have something SO much better that what we dreamed. We’re excited to be closer to more family and grandparents and hopefully have a chance to slow down our very fast-paced lives. I’m excited for this next chapter, sad about many things, but trying to focus on all the good that will come from it.
Well thanks for bearing with me, I wasn’t planning on sharing all of that but there it is!

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