Fresh Fitness Routines To Get You & Your Family Out Of A Rut

Are you feeling sick and tired of your exercise routine? The keep to exercise is keeping it fresh and exciting, so that you’re excited to workout rather than dreading it. Here are some tips on how to vamp up your fitness routine, to get you and your family to have fun while getting fit!

Make It Quick And Exciting

Workouts can get boring when they stretch on for too long so it’s important to be effective but efficient all in one. This is especially true if you have a family, and no doubt have piling responsibilities to attend to. Brett Muller is an award-winning leader who is excited about the future growth of community wellness. He has fulfilled roles in personal training, fitness accreditation and learning & development with Australia’s leading Fitness RTOs, which has provided him with a solid credibility foundation. He shares a few workout ideas below:

A four-minute routine that consists of short yet intense 20-second working phases and predictable 10-second recovery phases. Benefits of this routine include muscular endurance, increase fitness, weight loss, calorie burning, and toning.
A simple and effective Tabata resembles the following:
Exercise – Working Phase – Recovery Phase
Body weight squats 20 seconds 10 seconds
Push-ups 20 seconds 10 seconds
Walking Lunges 20 seconds 10 seconds
Pull-ups 20 seconds 10 seconds
>> repeat exercises 1-4 once more.
TIP: Set yourself repetition challenges within each 20 second working phase if you want to work hard!

“As Many Rounds As Possible” in X minutes. Select a timeframe, set your exercises, set your repetitions…. 3, 2, 1, GO! This is an exciting routine because it’s a race against the clock to finish an entire round (at least).
Benefits of this routine include muscular endurance, increase fitness, weight loss, calorie burning, and toning.
An exciting and fun AMRAP would be:
Exercise repetitions
Box/Bench jumps 20
Kettlebell swings 20
Jog/Run 200m return
>> repeat as many rounds as possible in 10 MINUTES. Record rounds.

Descending Sets with Time Cap
Descending sets help to elicit motivation and intrinsic challenges. You’ll start exercising at higher repetitions only to reduce those repetitions each set. The further you progress into this routine, the easier it becomes. Benefits of this routine include muscular endurance, increase fitness, weight loss, calorie burning, and toning.
This routine has been capped at 10 minutes to ensure it will fit within the schedule of your busy day.
Exercise repetitions
Wall ball 15
Row 15 calories
Hanging knee raises 15
Wall ball 10
Concept 2 row 10 calories
Hanging knee raises 10
Wall ball 5
Row 5 calories
Hanging knee raises 5
>> complete in under 10 minutes”

There are 3 new routines for you to try out at home or at the gym. To find out more from Brett, check out his website, Brett Muller and find him on Facebook and Youtube.

Combine Fitness Plans With Diet Plans

The problem with so many fitness plans out there is that they don’t work hand in hand with a healthy diet. Mick Owar, who trains regularly has developed some interesting approaches to this:

“The biggest hurdle for me has always been diet, having a sweet tooth, it was hard to stop overindulging in sugar. My weight training varies between high weight and low repetitions and low weight with high reps. It changes everything and completely shocks the body with a completely different exercise.

A year and a half go, I got into yoga, which has helped my strength gains all round, developing muscles my weight training wouldn’t target as much. Diet wise, over the last year, I have introduced intermittent fasting, which I have found helpful for lessening my cravings for sugar. Essentially you don’t eat for 18+ hours every day, giving your body time to do something more than just digesting food, i.e. healing your body and releasing extra goal conducive hormones.

Despite all the good things, I do for my diet and muscle mass, I’m still finding my body weight is not dropping, so I decided to take it to the next level… Over the last couple of weeks I’ve added two additions to my food plan. One of them was the “Eat Right For Your Blood Type” diet combined with a Ketogenic diet. ……….I am an A+ blood type, so I was very saddened to find that my diet should be more vegetarian based, with a little bit of chicken and fish…. Naturally I’ve been eating loads of red meats and chicken, but now I’ve had to try cutting back. Also the ketogenic diet has helped neutralize nearly all my sugar cravings.
I’ve now managed to do 2×36 hour fasts over the last 3 weeks, and all these three elements have helped my body become more what I see in my head. It may not be the best solution, but after years of trying everything I learnt about, and trying all the shortcuts and diet pills. Nothing can ever beat a clean diet!”

To find out more from Mick, check out his website, Mick Owar, and his Facebook page!

Incorporate Exercise Into Playtime With Your Kids

As a parent, you’re continually nagged by your kids to “come play with me!” So why not turn that into your workout and kill two birds with one stone? Set up an outdoor playset, as this is a great way to ensure you’ll be running around with your kids and getting in that much needed cardio. You’ll hardly realize that you’re doing it.

People often have the common misconception that exercise needs to involve reps, weights or going to a gym. But it really doesn’t! In fact, you can probably turn most of you and your family’s favourite activities into mini workouts. Purchasing games and toys that will involve getting the whole family moving is definitely the way to go. For example, find discount jumping castles online and your kids will spend the afternoon working up a sweat as you cheer them on. Alternatively, get out the box of Twister and find yourself stretching muscles you didn’t know you had.

You can find heaps of great children’s outdoor play equipment or even outdoor play equipment for toddlers online. From childrens ride on cars to plastic climbing frames for toddlers, it’s pretty easy to find ways to get your kids healthy and fit even from the youngest of ages.

Get Into The Great Outdoors

It’s hard to get stuck in a rut when you take your workout outdoors, because there’s always something different to see! So if the walls of your gym just aren’t doing it for you anymore, follow this tip from Elise Carver:

“Whether you have a gym membership or go to a bootcamp class at the park, you are still surrounded by the same scene every week. It’s time to get out and ADVENTURE.

Go somewhere NEW that offers hiking, bike riding, long walking tracks, rock climbing or something similar.

There are so many amazing places in Australia that offer all these things and more! I recently went on a 1.5hr yike around the You Yangs and loved it! My legs were worked and I felt invigorated.

Read Elise’s full article on not getting stuck in a fitness rut on Little Bantam Health & Fitness and find her on Facebook and Instagram!

Don’t Get Stuck Behind Your Desk

When you have an everyday job, it can be really easy to get behind on your fitness program. Unfortunately sitting still and typing doesn’t burn many calories! Jacqui Burge, started Deski Yogi because she was sick of being stuck at her desk and unable to keep up with her fitness routine. She shares her comments below:

“I realized that taking even just five minutes out of my busy schedule did wonders for my fitness and overall wellness. It’s tough to stay on top of your fitness routine when you are stuck at a desk, but there are tons of little tricks that make a huge difference. The tough part is committing to it.”

To find out even more, check out Jacqui on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Switch Things Up Regularly

Finally, if you get bored with your fitness routine – simply change it! It’s as simple as that. Not only will you keep your body on it’s toes, but you’ll also develop all different kinds of physical skills. Michaela Fellner shares what she does:

“I changed up my fitness routine after years of wasting time in gyms I never attended but still paid for. My preference now is to do something new every 3 months. I sign up to a 3 month membership at boutique fitness studios who ‘specialise’ in a certain form of exercise eg spinning: I attend Bodhi & Ride studio who offer spinning classes that feel more like a night out in a club than a boring cardio workout, I mix that up with yin yoga to stretch out.”

Check out Bodhi & Ride to add something new to your fitness regime! Check them out on Facebook and Instagram as well!

So if your fitness regime is making you moan and grown – switch things up. It’s just so important for your health and wellbeing that you be happy with whatever you’re doing to keep yourself in shape. If you love dancing, do that! It’s also important that you sneak exercise into your kids schedule as it can help them do better at school, combat anxiety and generally feel happier. If you’re finding it hard to get inspired, check out 8 fit & fabulous Aussie mums, to see how they keep in shape despite a hectic schedule!

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