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I’m excited to share this new book with you by Canadian interior designer and writer Shannon Acheson called Home Made Lovely. I’ve been spending my mornings this last week flipping through pages of inspiration and really helpful ideas and tips for making your house a home, and a place you love. As a family who is renting and has always been renting, (but dreams of building a simple Finnish style long house on an island someday) there is a lot in this book that resonates with me. It’s about making your home a place for the people that live in it, and filling it with things you love, not just filling it for the sake of it, or for that perfect “Pinterest-worthy home.”

In all our rentals we’ve been really intentional about making the space a place we love and doing little things to make the place feel like our own. Small touches like paint, wall decals, and light fixtures can make a huge difference in a rental but can change it up so much. We’ve gone through a few moves, and in the last 2 years have gone from a small 1 bedroom apartment with 2 kids, to now living in a 3 bedroom house that feels way too big for us. I’m often overwhelmed by the amount of cleaning it takes to keep a house like this, and am almost convinced a robot vacuum will solve most of my problems 😉 I am SO grateful to be living here though, and when Covid hit, having all this space for the girls to play, a backyard to run around in, plus a home office for Dan and I…We were beyond grateful to be living here. Even though we know we won’t be here for much longer, it’s been fun to live in a big gorgeous house.

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