How to Create the Perfect Home Theatre

Getting serious about the place where you do your media viewing can have some serious advantages if you get it right. It can be surprisingly inexpensive to build your own home theatre and doing so can radically improve your viewing experience. So whether you’re a vintage movie buff or a Netflix binge fanatic, here are the basics you need to know before setting up your own home theatre.


This is an important consideration as acoustics can substantially affect your viewing experience through sound quality. The key is to cover up the space to minimise the intrusion of outside noise. For the wall ceiling, inexpensive acoustic tiles and boards are the way to go. Carpet is ideal on the floor however if you don’t want to invest in carpet, scattering a couple of rugs across the floor will help to minimise outside noise and vibrations.


Audio doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive, in fact given that your room is probably only a fraction of the size of an actual theatre, a small system will provide you with high quality sound. Generally speaking, a 5.1 system is ideal which has two speakers either side of the screen, one in the centre, two in the rear corners, and a larger subwoofer for low frequency sound.


The choice between projector and television screen is a matter of personal taste. If you like a strong, bright image then a TV is perfect whereas the projector will offer a softer image and is also a more affordable option.


In movie theatres, you’ll notice the lighting works indirectly, with the light being directed at the walls and floor instead of in areas where it might interfere with the image on the screen. This is what you want to do in your own theatre and a similar effect can be achieved by installing low voltage lights along the sides of the room. To block out the natural light from the windows, invest in blocking shades or lined curtains.


When it comes to seating in your home theatre, recliners are the only way to go. Investing in a sofa recliner with individually adjustable seats is ideal for when you’re entertaining.

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