Seairra wears Hand-painted Suit, Kate Lawler. Bag, Conrad Booker. Earrings, Maiden Metalwear. Nail Ring and Ring, Hellhound Jewelry. Nose Ring, De’Von Downes. Cincher, Stylist’s Archive.

Seairra wears Suit, Khangle. Earrings, Hellhound Jewelry. 

Francine wears Headpiece. Gloves and Skirt, Conrad Booker. Shoes, Stylist’s Archive.

Kelly wears Shoulderpiece, Elias Gurolla. Feather Cage Dress, Conrad Booker. Earrings, Hellhound Jewelry. Rings, Hellhound Jewelry. Bracelet, Dennis Higgins. Neckpiece, Stylist’s Archive.
Seairra wears Suit, Khangle. Earrings, Hellhound Jewelry. 
Britney wears Gown, Conrad Booker. Nosering, De’Von Downes. Ear Cuff, De’Von Downes. Ring, Vincent Master. Boots, Stylist’s Archive.


Models / Francine P. Journey, Britney Amanda, Kelly Lok Yan Chu,

Seairra Santiago

Photographer / Roo Castro

Creative Director / Kree Willyumz

Hair / Blair Terrell

Makeup / Tay Beauty

Wardrobe Stylists/ Kree Willyumz , Keithington

Assistant Stylist / Jason LeBlond

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