Lockdown Gift Ideas To Spread Love

Do you know of someone who needs some cheering up right now?

With ongoing lockdowns and constant restrictions, it can be hard to stay joyous each day. So why not make someone’s day with a thoughtful gift they’ll absolutely love?

Below are some sensational gift ideas to help spread the love with any of your friends and family today.

Heart Warming Gifts

Sometimes it’s the simple, thoughtful presents that spread the most love. Let your family and friends know you’re thinking of them during this challenging time with a present to brighten their day.

 Mail A Card

Mail a card

Tell your friends and family you’re thinking of them with a heartfelt card. Getting mail is exciting, and although it’s a bit old-school, a handwritten card generally carries more meaning than one written over a text. They’re a personal gift that can spread joy and instantly cheer anyone’s spirit. Plus, cards come in a range of options to suit any message you’re trying to convey. Check out MyDeal’s range of quality cards. 

 Gift Hamper

Gift Hamper

 A basket full of your loved one’s favourite snacks and treats is a thoughtful way to brighten their day. Perfect for sharing or eating alone, food and drink is the ideal warming gift for someone stuck in isolation.

Whether you’re looking for a present for your family or friends, gift hampers are a fantastic gift that comes in a wide selection of options. Get a gift hamper with wine, chocolate, lollies, or cheeses. The possibilities are endless and affordable too. Make their day a yummy one with a gift hamper from MyDeal today!



A Nature Present

Sending someone flowers or a new plant is a fantastic way to convey a message of love and spread warmth.

Flowers and plants can brighten up a space and are a perfect way to boost morale. Help your loved one get in touch with nature in the comfort of their own home, with a bunch of flowers or a new plant. We’ll deliver them directly to that special someone for convenience.

Relaxation Gift Ideas

Isolation can be a stressful time that’s draining and tense. So why not gift your friend a present designed to help them relax?





Puzzle Or Paint By Numbers

Help occupy your friend’s time with a new puzzle or paint by numbers. They’re fantastic for improving cognitive function and can reduce stress and anxiety by giving them something else to focus on. These activities also relax the mind and create a calm serenity. Find a variety of affordable options of puzzles and art canvas at MyDeal.



Has your loved one expressed being bored while in lockdown? Then a new subscription to a streaming service is the perfect gift for them. Whether you choose Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Binge or Stan. The options are endless and jam-packed with heaps of quality movies and TV shows. Perfect for occupying your friend or family member during a lockdown.


 Self-Care Kit

If your loved one is struggling to stay positive lately, then a care pack could help boost morale by giving them something relaxing to do.
Whether you buy them a hair or skin set, they’re bound to make your friend feel good and enhance their mood. Discover a wide range of skincare and haircare kits for all your loved ones at MyDeal.

 Gifts under $30

Want to spread some love to your friends and family but on a budget? Don’t worry; we’ve got heaps of quality present ideas for under $30 that are bound to brighten anyone’s day.


A New Book

Whether your loved ones like fantasy novels or recipe volumes, books can be the perfect gift for anyone in need of some cheering up. Help your friend or family member escape their everyday lockdown life and venture away with a new book suited to their liking.

They provide a quality source of entertainment and are an excellent opportunity to learn something. Plus, they’re generally available under $30, especially at MyDeal. Check out our diverse range of books and save. 



A new scent is an excellent way to spread love during a lockdown. They can relax the body, elevate the appeal of any room, and bring warmth and light.

Candles can also bring back memories of past experiences and indulge emotions, so why not remind your loved one of a special time you shared together with a familiar scent? With a massive collection to choose from, MyDeal has affordable scented candles bound to impress your loved ones.



Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

Does your friend adore coffee? Then why not treat them to a new bag of delicious coffee beans or pods?

A cup of coffee is the perfect way to start that day and can boost anyone’s spirit instantly. So spread the love with a premium bag of coffee or pods today! 


A New Pillow

A pillow can improve one’s sleeping experience for a quality night’s rest, and no one can ever have too many.

Enhance a loved one’s sleep no matter the time of day with a new pillow – trust us; they’ll be very grateful for it! Find the perfect pillow to suit your friend or family member’s needs at MyDeal – We have premium options available at affordable prices you’ll love. 

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