Q & A with Owain Matthews (@owainmatthews)

Finding it hard to get in shape for the coming summer? Owain, a father, husband, triathlete, coach, and one of Australia’s up & coming health bloggers and influencers, has the motivation you need.

His story and accomplishments alone have motivated us, but if that’s not enough for you, his blog full of advice and tips is bound to get you there.

Hear him out before you zone out.

What is your name?
Owain Matthews

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I am an Age Group Triathlete, Triathlon Coach, Father and Husband. I try to inspire and educate others on the benefits of a healthy and balanced lifestyle. My website includes information on my coaching, competition, health and fitness blog and multi-sport product reviews.

What is the name of your website / blogs?
Owain Matthews – Triathlete

What inspired you to start up your website and Instagram?
I started my website when I moved to Australia to communicate my transition to triathlon after many years spent as a runner in the UK. With time also spent in the USA at University I have made many friends in the exercise community across the world.

Tell us a bit more about what your social media/ blogs include.
My social platforms share moments with my Ironman training, my triathlon coaching, my racing and my family.

What inspired you to enter your first triathlon, but most importantly what has motivated you throughout your journey?
After running for many years with International representation I needed to challenge myself in a new environment. Australia was the perfect location.

What has been a highlight for you?
The community of friends and supporters that myself and my family have made in Sydney has been more valuable to our quality of life than I could have ever imagined. I have raced the Hawaii Ironman twice which is a personal triathlon highlight.

How important is it to encourage your family to be active and what are some great ways to encourage your kids?
I was lucky to have great role models and parental support when I was young. It’s so important for personal development for our kids to have these opportunities for personal growth and socialisation. Our triathlon club runs regular junior training, programs and races for the whole family to get involved.


If one doesn’t have a gym membership – what exercise would you recommend?
Running is the easiest form of exercise, cheap, safe and gives a freedom that not many other forms of exercise can bring. It can be very social and can be done anywhere. Now that I live in Australia I’d also recommend ocean swimming.

For our readers at home – what is a great way to stay motivated (in general)?
You have to set yourself goals. Find ways to keep yourself motivated by reflecting on what drives you. Combine exercise with family, meet new people, travel or race. There are so many opportunities for us it’s hard not to get active.

You can follow Owain at his website Owain Matthews, Facebook and on Instagram.

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