Spray Tan Tips to Get the Best Fake Tan

We all dream of having an airbrushed tan that does not look orange or streaky. The most common mistake or issue that arises with sun and tanning products is patchiness or a colour that is muddy or too orange. The correct tan should have no streaks, appear flawless and most importantly appear natural. The best fake tan should emulate an olive colour and it should look like you have just returned from a holiday in the Bahamas. The best method to achieve the best fake tan is to ensure you prepare, buy an excellent tanning solution and have the right method of application. If you succeed in all those elements your tan will be a triple threat. Happy tanning!

1. Exfoliate

The biggest mistake you can make when spray tanning is NOT EXFOLIATING beforehand. If you do not exfoliate your body dry patches will cling to the fake tan and that will result in a streaky fan tan. Victoria’s Secret models are told to exfoliate everyday for 4-5 prior to getting a spray tan. This will ensure that all dead skin will be removed. The most effective exfoliating products to use are which you can lather with soap, or even better an exfoliating scrub. Repeat this step at least 4 days in a row prior to applying your spray tan.

2. Choose the Best Tanning Solution

Ensure the solution you choose is green based. The reason for this is that it will develop into an olive to brown colour, as opposed to an orange colour which does not emulate real tan. Invest in a solution that is considered middle to high price for fake tan because it will have the most consistent solution and likely to have a good colour. Choose a fake tan with good reviews and is well known because trial and error is not an option. Some great fake tans are Bondi Sands, Le Tan and St Tropez.

3. Use a Spray Tan Machine or A Glove

Do not use your hands to fake tan! Firstly, it will cause your hands to go discoloured but also will not ensure a smooth application. I recommend using a tanning glove, such as the tanning glove from Le Tan or Bondi Sands. To get an airbrush fake tan, the best way to achieve this would be to use a spray tan machine. The reason people pay big money to go to tanning salons is due to the equipment which gives you a goddess glow. The tanning professional can however not give you a tanning solution which suits your needs or can stuff it up. If you trust yourself when fake tanning, why not just do it yourself and save money in the long term. Furthermore, you can select your own solution.

4. Use a Make Up Brush

It may seem weird but using a makeup brush to buff in the fake tan can even out any streaks. 

How to Remove Fake Tan

Once your fake tan starts getting streaky or if you have made a fake tan mistake there are numerous ways to get rid of it.

  • Take a bath and exfoliate.
  • Buy specific products for removal from the chemist.
  • Use lemon juice to lighten the skin.

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