The Best Tv Shows & Movies For Your Kids

In the world of modern television and movies, it can be hard to know what the right picks are for your innocent little one’s eyes. However, never fear! There are plenty of kid-friendly shows out there with great lessons, fantastic acting and healthy morals being presented! So settle down on comfortable nursery furniture in your little one’s nursery and enjoy some quality one-on-one time introducing them to these top picks for children:

Inside Out & UP!

Can you ever go wrong with animations? Especially Disney or Pixar! Amanda Palm shares two of her top kids movies with us, and explains why she feels this way:

“I would say Inside Out is a great movie to teach kids about emotions, feelings and help them understand that feeling negative feelings are a part of life. The characters do immensely in educating young viewers on the external situations that happen in life (e.g. moving house) and how it affects behaviour. It helps them learn and process these feelings and do things like reach out to loved ones.

I also like UP, because it teaches children about love and loss, which is also a part of life. But moving on from that loss into something positive. The old man loses his wife but he makes new friends and embarks on new adventures, even if she’s not there anymore.”

To hear more from Amanda, check our her site, Mindi Palm, and her Facebook page!

TV Picks Your Kids Will Love

If your little ones don’t yet have much of an attention span for movies, then television shows might be the way to go. Ellen Robbins, a motherhood, fashion and lifestyle blogger at The Stylist Mama shares the shows her little 20 month old daughter is obsessed with:

“Hey Duggee: sophie is obsessed with this show, and has loved it from the very beginning! She now associates every dog we see as Duggee!

The Wiggles: Loves the wiggles, but only of late. She follows their lead with dance moves and imagination play.

Play School: This also took a little while for Sophie to understand, but now she loves it, and follows the instructions, and follows with great intent.

Sarah and Duck: This show is simple and great, basically a friendship between a girl and a duck! This is great for little toddlers, as they love the sound of a duck “quacking”

Go Jetters: OBSESSED! I think we have a cartoon fan on our hands! Loves the music and the voices of the characters, and the theme song gets her bopping every time it’s on!”

For more from Ellen, check out her Facebook page as well!

Educational Shows For Your Little Ones

What’s better than being able to entertain and educate your kids all at once? Ben Newsome, director at Fizzics Education shares a list of shows that are going to teach your little ones about the world around them, and keep them glued to the screen so you get a few hours of peace:

“Blaze and the Monster Machines is a relatively new cartoon that grabbed my attention for younger kids; combining monster trucks and scientific principles! In some ways similar to Dora the Explorer and Paw Patrol, this show brings together monster trucks who get into adventures and solve problems all whilst scientific concepts such as kinetic energy are addressed in language kids can understand.

Dinosaur Train is another recent cartoon that’s had tremendous success. As outreach educators we often hear kids at multiple schools across Australia recite the dinosaurs they know and when they existed… only to find out that their knowledge came directly from this PBS show put together by the Jim Henson team. Worth checking out if you’ve not already done so!

Backyard science grabs my eye as it’s kids doing science for kids. This show is no longer being broadcast however you can still find it on the ABC website or on YouTube. Children love listening to other kids and by using simple materials the message of the show is clear… you can do this too.

If you want any further information on science teaching ideas, free science experiments and more jump onto

So there you have it – no shortage of shows that can keep your kids in fits and giggles and help them stay informed all at once. Two for the price of one! Check out Ben’s company on Facebook as well!

Netflix Is A Goldmine

We all love a chilled out afternoon enjoying netflix on the couch. Nowadays, Netflix has started producing its own original series – some of which definitely aren’t appropriate for young eyes, and some of which are completely wholesome and totally suitable! Elisabeth Stitt shares her favourite with us:

“Netflix has come out with a new series, Anne with an E, based on Anne of Green Gables, that is really well done. The characters are interesting and heart-warming as ever in this new interpretation. Totally child appropriate without being sickly sweet and simplistic. An excellent choice for the family to watch and discuss together.”

For more from Elisabeth, check out her website, Elisabeth Stitt and her Facebook page!

There are no shortage of TV shows and movies to keep you and your children’s eyes peeled to the screen! But don’t forget that it’s important not to get too caught up and end up binge watching a series or a number of movies in a row. It’s equally important to get out there for walks in the sunshine and keep active. Pop your little one in their pram, and head out into nature! There are heaps of fun ways to keep your kids active, so that they are well and truly tuckered out and can have a relaxing chill session on the couch with the family later on!

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