The Pros & Cons of Having an Office Pet

Sometimes all you want to do when you’re stressed at work is cuddle something fluffy. Enter the office pet. They can offer great support to stressful environments, as well as increase morale and reduce anxiety in employees. However, they can also be distracting, so are they really worth it? Is it worth having a little fur baby lying in their fancy pet bed whilst we work on our spreadsheets? We weigh up the pros and cons here.

The Pros:

Reduces Stress
Pets are known to reduce levels of cortisol in the body (the stress hormone). James Bugelli from Juicy Online Media shares. “There are definite upsides – pets have a calming effect and are a great excuse to step away from your desk for a minute or two and give them a quick and a chat. This helps to clear your mind. When you are working intently on something, these short breaks can be great for the head. Animals can be very intuitive also and seem to know when it is the right time to come and nuzzle you and insist on a pat or even being taken for a walk. Great excuse to stretch the legs.” Find out more about Juicy Online Media by following them on Instagram.

Promotes Positive Interaction
Workplaces that have office pets are often seen with an improved morale, and an increased employee satisfaction.

Improves Company Image
Companies that have office pets are often seen as more approachable to those who visit. They are also often seen as a more progressive company, as they are softening their image with the introduction of a pet, thus giving off the illusion of a forward-thinking company.

The Cons:

Willow Sloane from Boss Finance Australia shares some of the cons that may be included with owning an office pet. “Certainly there are some issues to look at before bringing a furry friend into your workplace. It’s important to consult your employees first and consider any possible health impacts – do they have allergies or are they afraid of dogs? If you’re leasing or renting your premises, make sure that pets are allowed into the building. It’s also very important to do your research – make sure the type of animal you bring into your workplace is well-suited. For example, if you work in a quiet, slow-paced office, maybe an older dog would enjoy it more than a rambunctious puppy.” Find out more about Boss Finance Australia by following them on Facebook and Instagram.

Whether you’re planning on introducing an office dog or even an office fish to the workplace, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons. Also, make sure you have all the pet supplies from MyDeal needed to keep your pet occupied!


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