What to Take In Carry On Travel Bags

Packing for holidays is a stressful process that requires a lot of deliberation and planning. Quite often, it is very easy to forget an essential product and panic when you realise you don’t have it with you. Women’s holidays away particularly take a lot of planning because we want to feel comfortable at all times whilst looking our best. In order to achieve this sense of comfort when we travel, it is great to include essential products in our carry-on luggage bags. Knowing the best carry on products to take is often a case of trial and error. Luckily, we have compiled a travel checklist to make this process easier for you. Here are the best and most essential things to pack when you are travelling.

Cosmetic Bags

Packing a makeup bag or makeup case is vital as you can touch up your makeup at any time and ensures that your makeup products are organised. It will prevent any makeup falling out of your bag or products falling to the bottom of your bag. Any cosmetic bag will do the trick, it is not necessary to overspend on this aspect. The best kind of make up bag will have compartments where you can separate the products.

Every Day Makeup Essentials

Packing your everyday makeup products is one of the hardest aspects of packing for your carry-on luggage. Ensure not to bring unnecessary products that you use on the odd occasion. Make sure you pack products that you use in your everyday makeup routine as well as products that can be used for a night time makeup look. Products we recommend are primer, your Holy Grail foundation, setting powder, contour palette, eyebrow kit and mascara. Bring a neutral lipstick shade and a diverse eyeshadow palette so you can convert your look of the day from day to night. Remember, less is always more!

Skin Care and Hygiene Products

Packing mini versions of your skin care and hygiene products is the best way to not over pack or go over your weight limit. Some products which you definitely cannot neglect are deodorant, perfume, moisturiser and makeup remover wipes.

First Aid Kit

Pack some first aid necessities as it is hard to predict future events. Feeling dehydrated during and after air travel is very common. Packing Ibuprofen in your carryon bag is thereby vital to treat an on set headache. Furthermore, band aids should be packed in case you get a minor scratch or cut.


Wallets are an obvious thing to take, however when you are in a rush it is very easy to forget! Ensure you take your identification cards and any relevant documents.


Do not revert to expensive (and disgusting) airline food. Purchase a small snack or make a quick and healthy lunch to bring with you.

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